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Our approach for making responsive websites and beautiful designs.

  1.  Build a project plan - Before we proceed to the designing stage, we should study the project. We discuss it with our customer to understand his or her requirements; We discover what brand the website should promote, whether it should be a website that promotes sales or the customer simply needs to attract more attention to the brand; Then, we study the features that a future website should contain, to determine an approximate design.
  2. Research & sketching - When we've completed a planning stage, we can move to the research stage. We can check out other existing websites to see how they are made, what elements are used there, and we can discuss with the customer whether relevant websites can be used as an example for his or her custom website or not.
  3. Creating wireframes - We create visible buttons, bars and other elements that may be located in a real website further, it fills a wireframe with a better understanding of how it will be designed and how it will look in future. In addition, wireframes of the website make it possible for us to see the information order on the homepage, what should be done first, what should be done second. This is where we think through user experience and try to understand user behavior psychology.
  4. Homepage navigation and layout building - A homepage should be done wisely since it is the first what your customers will see. So we pay a rapt attention to this issue during the web design workflow process since homepage tells your users what this website is about and what it offers them. So we should build homepage layout properly and make a navigation process easy and intuitive.
  5. Additional website elements design - In addition to the common website design, we often add different small elements that enrich the website and make it a full-fledged.
  6. Color scheme and typography - Selecting the best fonts and colors for you so you can generate leads quicker.
  7. Providing customer with prototype - And, finally, we send customers prototypes of website design to let them evaluate the quality and general condition of a website. A customer can add some notes, ask for a revision if necessary, and we revise everything customer wants (1 revision per client will be allowed).